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By: wynnevawang | May 11, 2017

Butterfly valve has three types such as a linear, double eccentric type and three partial heart. Common butterfly valve is mainly used as a regulator and closure used in fluid pipeline, mainly used in construction, chemical industry, drainage, sewage, food, medicine, electricity, shipping and so on. There are the special working medium requirements recommend different valve body materials.
Seawater medium: recommended valve body selection of stainless steel materials, mainly for the seawater switch off and flow control, this situation is recommended to consider the main material, stainless steel will have a certain degree of corrosion.
Oxygen medium: this medium must be clear before the purchase of the valve, because we will manu...

By: wynnevawang | April 25, 2017

A ball valve is integrated inside the ball, PTFE ring, a lock nut, the ball has slightly smaller diameter than the pipe diameter, similar to the wide type ball valve.

Two piece ball valve is composed of two parts, the sealing effect is better than a piece of ball valve, the diameter of the ball has same diameter of the pipe, easy to disassemble than a piece of ball valve.
Three way ball valve is composed of three parts, both sides of the valve cover and the middle of the valve body, the three piece ball valve is different from the two piece ball valve and a piece of ball valve is located in the demolition of convenient maintenance.

Distinguish from pressure
Three chip pressure is much higher than one piece and two piece ball valve....

By: wynnevawang | April 25, 2017

Air conditioning water system does not use a hard seal butterfly valve or PTFE valve.

Air conditioning and heating systems are used in cast iron, ductile cast iron as the main structural parts, three yuan ethylene propylene rubber EPDM as the seal of the middle line of the soft sealing butterfly valve. Air conditioning system is only because of the butterfly valve butterfly valve structure is cheap.
Along with the technical level of the valve manufacturer to improve, especially with the emergence of three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve and double eccentric butterfly valve with high performance, greatly prolong the service life of the butterfly valve, not only can be used in high temperature environment, can also be used for g...

By: wynnevawang | April 25, 2017

1 valve welded ball valve has carbon steel seamless steel pipe pressing forming integral welded ball valve.
2 stem AISI303 stainless steel, valve body with AISI304 stainless steel, after finishing grinding production, with excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance.
3 seal using carbon reinforced PTFE slope elastic sealing ring on the surface of the negative pressure, so that the seal to achieve zero leakage, long service life, etc..

4 the valve connection: there are welding, thread, flange connections for the user to choose. Transmission mode: handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric and other transmission structure, flexible switch.
5 welded ball valve has compact structure, light weight, easy to heat insulation, easy to insta...

By: wynnevawang | March 22, 2017

Several types of valves
1, valve definition

According to the definition, the valve is designed specifically for the mechanical components used to direct, start, stop, mix or adjust the process fluid flow, pressure or temperature. The valve can be designed to handle the operation of liquid or gas. According to the design, function and application of the characteristics of the valve, the type, size and pressure level there are many types. Minimum industrial valve weight can be as small as 1L (0.45kg), can be comfortably placed in the hands of people. And the largest can be more than 10t (9070kg), height is 24ft (6.1m) above. Industrial process valves can be used for pipe sizes from nominal diameter is DN15 to over DN2000.

Today, the ...