Sanitary Valves News

By: wynnevawang | June 05, 2017

1, Overview

Connection form: welding type, fast installation type, screw type
Material: SUS304, SUS316L made
Pipeline flow control: DN20-150 and 1/2 '-6' applied to stainless steel piping system
Working principle: can be driven by remote control or manual operation by the handle

2, features
There are three kinds of driving standards: normally closed, normally open, and gas
The check valve has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, small installation size and convenient installation.
Fluid inlet and outlet of the valve direction can be arbitrarily selected, with two-way effect.
Horizontal pipe, vertical pipe can be installed.
The sanitary check valves are featured with easy operation, quick switch and accurate positi...

By: wynnevawang | June 05, 2017

Sanitary quick butterfly valve is a kind of food machinery used in small caliber butterfly valve opening knife, and industrial butterfly valve is relatively common, sanitary butterfly valve, sanitary welding valve, sanitary quick threaded butterfly valve can be seen everywhere.
What role does stainless steel butterfly valve play in the pipeline system?
Stainless steel butterfly valve as a kind of pipeline system can achieve on-off and flow control components, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water and electricity, and many other fields. Butterfly valve has been known in the technology, the seal of the form of the use of sealing structure, sealing materials for rubber, PTFE and so on. Due to the limitation o...

By: wynnevawang | May 11, 2017

Butterfly valve has three types such as a linear, double eccentric type and three partial heart. Common butterfly valve is mainly used as a regulator and closure used in fluid pipeline, mainly used in construction, chemical industry, drainage, sewage, food, medicine, electricity, shipping and so on. There are the special working medium requirements recommend different valve body materials.
Seawater medium: recommended valve body selection of stainless steel materials, mainly for the seawater switch off and flow control, this situation is recommended to consider the main material, stainless steel will have a certain degree of corrosion.
Oxygen medium: this medium must be clear before the purchase of the valve, because we will manu...

By: wynnevawang | April 25, 2017

Air conditioning water system does not use a hard seal butterfly valve or PTFE valve.

Air conditioning and heating systems are used in cast iron, ductile cast iron as the main structural parts, three yuan ethylene propylene rubber EPDM as the seal of the middle line of the soft sealing butterfly valve. Air conditioning system is only because of the butterfly valve butterfly valve structure is cheap.
Along with the technical level of the valve manufacturer to improve, especially with the emergence of three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve and double eccentric butterfly valve with high performance, greatly prolong the service life of the butterfly valve, not only can be used in high temperature environment, can also be used for g...

By: wynnevawang | March 22, 2017

1, the classification according to mechanical movement
Some users will be classified according to the valve mechanical movement. Linear motion valve (also known as a straight line valve), which has a sliding stem to drive a closed element to open the closed position (closed element is the internal valve device used to open, close or adjust the flow). Gate valve, globe valve, hose valve, sanitary diaphragm valve, open body valve, three-way valve, angle valve, etc.. Because of the simple design, easy maintenance and more than the other classification of the movement of the valve has more size, pressure rating and design options, so they are the most common type of valve.

On the other hand, a rotary motion valve (also known as a rotary valve) is...