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By: wynnevawang | March 22, 2017

Classification of Valves Application
Although valves are often classified according to their functions, they are sometimes classified according to application. The use of three categories: general valve, the valve is designed for multiple uses, it can be applied to a large number of operations without modification; the special condition of the valve, the sanitary ball valve is designed for special purposes; serious conditions for highly valve, designed to avoid side operation with difficulty.
General operating valve
The general condition of the valve are those most common operation design of the valve, its rated pressure is low, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) level 150 to level 600, medium temperature rating in -...

By: wynnevawang | March 22, 2017

1, the classification according to mechanical movement
Some users will be classified according to the valve mechanical movement. Linear motion valve (also known as a straight line valve), which has a sliding stem to drive a closed element to open the closed position (closed element is the internal valve device used to open, close or adjust the flow). Gate valve, globe valve, hose valve, sanitary diaphragm valve, open body valve, three-way valve, angle valve, etc.. Because of the simple design, easy maintenance and more than the other classification of the movement of the valve has more size, pressure rating and design options, so they are the most common type of valve.

On the other hand, a rotary motion valve (also known as a rotary valve) is...

By: wynnevawang | March 22, 2017

The valve can be divided into three categories: two position (on-off type) valve, it has the control of the logistics closed and allow it to pass the function; check valve, it only allows logistics to one direction; the throttle valve, which can be fully open to any point on the regulation of the logistics operator. A confusing situation defined by the function of the valve is a special valve design, such as globe valves, gate valves, plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and hose valves can meet one, two or all of the three categories. For example, plug valves can be used for two-way operation, or increase the actuator, can be used as throttle control valve. Another example is the spherical valve body, according to its internal design...

By: wynnevawang | January 23, 2017

Pneumatic ball valves
【Flanged Pneumatic Ball Valve】
Pneumatic flange ball valve is a GT-type, AT-type pneumatic piston cylinder and was 90 ° rotating ball valve directly from the combination. When the ball rotates 90 degrees, in the entrance and exit should be all spherical, thereby cutting off the flow, on the contrary both show through-hole, so that the media through.
【Pneumatic ball valve with internal thread】
Pneumatic internal thread ball valve is composed of double (single) action pneumatic piston actuator and internal thread ball valve. The valve body can be divided into integral, two-stage, three-stage.
【Stainless steel pneumatic valve】
Pneumatic stainless steel flange ball valve by the angle of pneumatic actuators and stainless steel b...

By: wynnevawang | December 12, 2016

  Ball valve is closed as the sphere of the health-class butterfly valve. The main function of the ball valve is to cut off and connect the fluid in the pipeline. Ball valve is featured by small fluid resistance, good sealing, fast switching and high reliability.
     Ball valve is mainly composed of valve, stem, ball and sealing ring and other components, is a 90 ° switch cut valve, which by means of the handle or drive device in the upper end of the stem exert a certain torque and passed to the ball, it rotated 90 °, The through hole of the sphere is coincident with or perpendicular to the center line of the valve body passageway, and the full opening or full closing action is completed. Ball valve structure commonly used floating ball and...