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By: wynnevawang | April 25, 2017

A ball valve is integrated inside the ball, PTFE ring, a lock nut, the ball has slightly smaller diameter than the pipe diameter, similar to the wide type ball valve.

Two piece ball valve is composed of two parts, the sealing effect is better than a piece of ball valve, the diameter of the ball has same diameter of the pipe, easy to disassemble than a piece of ball valve.
Three way ball valve is composed of three parts, both sides of the valve cover and the middle of the valve body, the three piece ball valve is different from the two piece ball valve and a piece of ball valve is located in the demolition of convenient maintenance.

Distinguish from pressure
Three chip pressure is much higher than one piece and two piece ball valve....

By: wynnevawang | January 23, 2017

Pneumatic ball valves
【Flanged Pneumatic Ball Valve】
Pneumatic flange ball valve is a GT-type, AT-type pneumatic piston cylinder and was 90 ° rotating ball valve directly from the combination. When the ball rotates 90 degrees, in the entrance and exit should be all spherical, thereby cutting off the flow, on the contrary both show through-hole, so that the media through.
【Pneumatic ball valve with internal thread】
Pneumatic internal thread ball valve is composed of double (single) action pneumatic piston actuator and internal thread ball valve. The valve body can be divided into integral, two-stage, three-stage.
【Stainless steel pneumatic valve】
Pneumatic stainless steel flange ball valve by the angle of pneumatic actuators and stainless steel b...